Agri Tourism is nothing but enjoying holidays in different way by visiting working farm & study farm activities along with lot of enjoyment.  
  In different packages of Vedi farm you found variety of activities which you can enjoy.  
  In vedifarm you can enjoy with playing traditional rural games like kabaddi, Gulli Danda, Bhovra, Gotyya, Sur parambya etc. As well as half pitch cricket & holly ball ground with stadium stands available for enjoyment.  
  Also get knowledge of diff types of farming in actual farm tour.  
  You can enjoy with Bullock cart ride, Tractor ride, Zopala.  
  Also enjoy with different birds farms like Emu, Parrot, Chicken etc. Also you find rabbit, peacock etc around you.  
  Around Vedi farm you found lot of nature, you can enjoy with tracking, natural water lake & natural waterfall, different temples like Harehareshwar temple & Shani devsthan – Local Jagrut Devsthan. And lot of fun is their  
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